Why is the red rubbish wheelie bin smaller than the yellow wheelie bin?

The size of the red rubbish wheelie bin was based on waste assessments and community consultations conducted in 2016 and 2017. This research found that the size of the bin would suit most Hamiltonians and also supports Hamilton’s 2018-2024 Waste Management and Minimisation Plan’s six-year targets of reducing rubbish to landfill and increasing recycling.

From the waste audit we found most of the waste in black bags was made up of recyclable and compostable items – check out this infographic. In fact, almost 50% (by weight) of waste was made up of food scraps. Because of this, the new service includes a larger mixed recycling bin which can take plastics 1-7, and a food scraps bin. When used correctly, this should limit the amount of waste going to landfill and the red bin should suit.

We encourage you to use the mixed recycling wheelie bin, glass recycling crate, and food scraps bin which should limit the amount of rubbish going into your red bin (waste). If you have excess rubbish you can take this to the Hamilton Refuse Transfer Station on Lincoln St.

For tips on how to reduce waste at home click here