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EnviroWaste NZ Education Room

The Education Room overlooks the Materials Recovery Facility (also known as the recycling sorting centre), which allows people to see the recycling sorting process – from when it arrives at the centre in the collection trucks and the sorting process, through to being baled for transport and recycling.

The fun and interactive education sessions enable the community to understand the importance of the waste hierarchy and change the perception of what waste is. We see waste minimisation as a journey we can all be a part of. People will be provided with simple actions they can choose to adopt to help make a positive difference and fight the landfill.

During a session, people will find out why recycling is so important for our environment along with other ways to easily live sustainably and place less pressure of Earth’s resources. Whether you’re five or 105, at school, work or in a busy community group, we tailor sessions to suit the group’s needs. We guarantee it will be fun and everyone will learn something.


Meet our Waste Minimisation Educator

– Belinda Goodwin


When a group visits the Education Room to learn about the Materials Resource Centre, Belinda will be the guide and waste minimisation guru. Belinda’s passion about nature and caring for the earth are the two things that drive her own waste minimisation journey.

She is a firm believer you have to walk the talk, so the information she shares during a tour comes from her own knowledge and personal experience.

Belinda believes everyone can play a part in how we minimise waste and care for the earth – whether it’s understanding how to recycle properly, looking at alternatives to using plastic at school, home, or work, or understanding the important role of resource recovery.

Want to book a session? Here’s how

As our sessions can be tailored, the Education Room is useful for all ages and stages of life. Tours are completely free and can cater for up to 30 people per visit.

We cater to:

  • students - new entrants through to tertiary
  • teachers wanting to use the room as resource to support classroom work
  • community and service groups
  • businesses wanting to support and grow in-house sustainability initiatives.

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