Reducing Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and demolition can often be costly for business and for the environment. The rising housing demand in Hamilton not only means resources are slim, they can also be pricey.

That's why it's important to think about minimising waste on site and seeing what resources could be reduced, reused or recycled. We call this designing out waste.

By designing out waste from the start of a project you can: 

  • Save money on purchase costs 
  • Save money on cartage to landfill, disposal costs and landfill levy expansion  
  • Earn revenue from recovered materials 
  • Avoid non compliance costs and time spent managing them 
  • Have more effective on site waste practices 
  • Feel great about doing your bit to support the environment. 

 Building without waste guide

How can I do my part to reduce waste on site?

The best way to reduce waste on site is to develop a site waste plan.

There's also a whole heap of local service providers who can help you get started on your journey and help you throughout the process:

Service Materials
PhilaSkip Cleanfill (Concrete, bricks, rocks)
Demolition Traders Demolition products, such as window frames, usable timber etc
Civil Share Buy, sell, share, swap and hire materials and resources - app based
D&T MacDonald Cleanfill
Waste Management  Wood, cleanfill, concrete and tiles, plastic types 1 and 2, tins, cans and cardboard
EnviroWaste All waste
Purpose Fill All waste
Expol Polystyrene
Styrobeck Polystyrene
Goodwood Timber
OJI Fibre Solutions Cardboard
Marley PVC Pipe
Sims Pacific Metals Steel/Metal
Central Metal Steel/Metal
Plasback NZ Polythene
Resene Paint Buckets

The above list contains possible service providers who can help reduce waste in the construction and demolition industry. The list is intended as a starting point only. Hamilton City Council does not recommend one company over another, nor guarantee the quality of the services provided by any of these companies. If you know of any more service providers, drop us an email at