Our waste plan

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2018-2024) sets out goals, objectives and targets to guide the Council towards waste avoidance, reduction and recovery. Thirty-three activities are detailed in the Plan and will be carried forward into the Council’s long-term and annual plans to ensure the delivery on the Plan.

This is our waste vision for Hamilton. We want to work collaboratively with our community – residential and business – to change the way we manage our waste.

We are focusing on these goals and objectives:

As part of the 2018-2024 Waste Plan we have set four targets. We need to deliver on these targets together. The Council will report on how we are tracking against these targets each year.

We also monitor our kerbside diversion rate. This is the percentage of recycling that households put out at the kerb compared to the rubbish. The kerbside diversion rate is set at 30% based on the 10-Year Plan (2015-25) and the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2018-2024). You can make a difference to this target by putting your recyclables in your crate.

There are nine key areas of work that we are focusing on:


Implement new rubbish and recycling services, support associated education campaigns and review Central Business District (CBD) service.


Support information and education programmes that raise awareness and promote waste minimisation, including developing multi-language resources.

Litter and illegal dumping

Keep the streets clean by clearing litter and illegal dumping; and develop and implement a plan to reduce illegal dumping and littering.


Update the Solid Waste Bylaw for regional consistency, to facilitate data collection and to ensure it supports the changes in kerbside service; and implement waste licensing for operators and collectors.


Ensure access to information on waste from both council and private waste collectors and facilities. Capture data on quantities, composition, origin and destination, and the use of the service, in line with the National Waste Data Framework, Monitor and report on waste related activities.

Council management

Implement best practice waste avoidance, reduction and minimisation within Council sites and operations; and share knowledge and experience gained from such activities.


Partner or work with key sectors and groups including Iwi, business and industry; health related organisations; the community sector, the construction and demolition industry; and local government organisations, NGOs and other key stakeholders to undertake research and actions on various waste issues.

Identify and support community and business champions in waste reduction and avoidance.


Issue grants to third parties for the purpose of promoting or achieving waste minimisation and manage grants.


Improve waste minimisation at events held at Council sites and support event organisers to implement waste minimisation at events.

As we implement our 2018-2024 Waste Plan we will update this page, including updates on the actions we have implemented.

A copy of the 2018-2024 Waste Management and Minimisation Plan can be downloaded as a PDF document here.

The 2017 Waste Assessment supported the development of the Waste Plan and provides a technical overview of waste management in Hamilton. It can be downloaded as a PDF document here.