Presenting the bins for collection

You'll never have to put all four bins out at once.

Your rubbish and food scraps will be collected one week, and your recycling, glass and food scraps the next.

Red week: Rubbish wheelie bin and food scraps bin

Yellow week: Recycling wheelie bin, food scraps bin, and glass crate

In the new service, residents will be able to put out one crate of glass recycling each fortnight. With plastics, tins and aluminium now going in the yellow recycling wheelie bin, most residents will find one crate to be sufficient. If you have excess glass recycling, it can be dropped off for free at the Lincoln St Transfer Station. We are also looking into the possibility of other free drop-off points around the city. 

For flats, shared driveways, and cul-de-sacs, kerbside space may be shared by multiple sets of bins.

In these situations, residents can place their crate and/or food scraps bin behind their wheelie bin on collection day.

Some residents may not be able to place their bins directly outside their house or driveway, if the kerbside space is shared with others. We encourage residents to take their bins to a safe and appropriate location nearby. This might mean some residents have neighbours’ bins outside their properties on collection day.

Please work with your neighbours and help each other to  present the bins correctly, so no rubbish or recycling is left behind.

How will I know which bins to put out?

We’ll be making collection calendars and a collection day search available soon, so watch this space.

You can get reminders of what bins to put out and when by downloading the free mobile app, Antenno. This new app will provide you with the latest updates and notifications about the new service, plus you’ll be able to report any rubbish and recycling matters directly to Hamilton City Council. Download Antenno from the App Store or Google Play today!