There will be no changes to kerbside collections due to King's Birthday (Monday 3 June). Pop your bins out as usual by 7am on your normal collection day.



Commonly asked questions

Can I get a larger or additional red landfill bin?

Each household is entitled to one 120L red lidded bin collected once a fortnight. Currently each household is charged for kerbside services through their rates. If the collection was to increase to weekly, the charge on rates would need to be increased. 

The decision to move to a fortnightly collection of one red landfill bin was based on waste assessments and community consultations conducted in 2016-2017. These showed us that residents wanted their landfill collected separately from the recyclables, and that for the majority of Hamiltonians, one red landfill bin per fortnight would suffice.

Excess rubbish can be taken to the Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre or you can arrange for a private collection at your own cost.   

How should I dispose of my vape?

Please don't ever place the vape or coil into any of your kerbside bins. 

Most vape batteries contain lithium, which is highly flammable and may catch fire or explode in the kerbside bins or collection truck. Many vape providers have a battery return scheme or they can be disposed of for free at the Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre.  


Which bins do I need to put out this week?

You can check your collection day schedule on the homepage of Fight the Landfill.

Download Antenno for collection day reminders from App Store or Google Play.

What bin do I put this in?

If you're not sure where to put certain items, you can type them into our handy sorter tool and we'll tell you what bins to put them into. You can find the sorter tool on the home page.

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we can find out for you and get it added to the sorter tool. 

Why wasn't my bin collected?

Make sure the correct bins are out on the kerbside by 7am and the correct items are in each bin. Please keep lids closed and don't overfill your bins. If you did all these things but your bin still wasn't emptied, please report a missed collection here or call our Customer Services team on 07 838 6699. Please wait until the end of the day to report a missed collection as our contractors can be out collecting until the early evening. We may have left a tag on your bin telling you why it wasn’t collected.