There will be no changes to kerbside services due to Anzac Day (Thursday 25 April) Pop your bins out as usual by 7am on your normal collection day.



Why was my bin only half emptied?

Although our team try their best to collect all the contents of your bins, sometimes things can get stuck, even after the arms of the truck have shaken them multiple times. 

Here's a few tips to help stop this happening to your bins:

  • Don't overfill your bins. The more things you stuff into your bins, the harder it is for them to come out. 
  • Try going plastic bag free. Plastic bags not only take up more space in your red rubbish bin, but they can also stick to the sides of the bin.
  • Make sure there's no wet paper or cardboard in your bin.
  • Put heavy items at the bottom of your bins, so when they are tipped upside down by the truck, gravity does the rest.