What goes where?

What goes in my recycling crate?

Glass bottles and glass jars.

Remember: Each household can put out one recycling crate each fortnight.

Will I be able to recycle pizza boxes?

Yes, pizza boxes will be recycled in the yellow-lid wheelie bin. Please make sure you remove any chunks of food and cheese from your pizza box before putting it in the bin.

Can I put plastics 1-7 in my recycling wheelie bin?

Yes, residents can put all plastics 1-7 in their new yellow lid recycling wheelie bin however international restrictions on importing and exporting recyclables are currently affecting nationwide council recycling services.

These restrictions mean that all plastics are being collected (plastics 1-7) but not all are being recycled. In this new service, plastic types 1, 2 and 5 will be recycled but we will still need to send plastics 3, 4, 6 and 7 to landfill until another solution is found or the international restrictions change. 

Please note the weight limit for the yellow recycling bin is 40kg.

What do I do with batteries?

Batteries are not accepted in the new bins (including the red rubbish bin) because they are a health and safety hazard – they can cause fires and other issues in the collection trucks and when they get to the landfill.

There are a few recycling options for single-use, rechargeable, coin lithium and silver oxide batteries. The local store Go-Eco will accept these battery types for recycling.

Dry cell batteries (AAA battery, lithium batteries, etc) and lead acid batteries (e.g. car batteries) will be accepted for drop-off at the Lincoln St Refuse Transfer Station. They will need to be separated from general waste.

For larger batteries like car batteries, some mechanics will accept them - give your local garage a call to double check.