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What are the key changes?

I think my bin delivery was missed, what should I do?

If you’re missing any of the new bins, or neighbours have received them and you haven’t, then:

Step 1 – check with your neighbours on your side of the street in case they’ve taken them by mistake.

Step 2 – wait seven days as the bins will be delivered in a staggered drop-off.

Step 3 – contact our Customer Services team on 07 838 6699 or


Please note that we will not be delivering recycling crates as you should already have these and will continue to use them when the new service starts (for glass only).

How many bins will I get?

Hamilton residents will receive three new bins: a yellow-lid wheelie bin for recycling, a red-lid wheelie bin for rubbish, and a small green bin for food scraps. Residents will also keep their green crates (currently used for recycling) as the crate will be used for glass recycling as part of the new service.

Why is Hamilton’s rubbish and recycling service changing?

Hamilton's continuing population and housing growth will bring significant benefit to the city but will also generate more waste to manage. The new service starting on 31 August 2020 will increase recycling options and divert more waste from landfill. The new service meets the outcomes of a community consultation held in 2016 and the vision of our 2018-24 Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

Will I have to pay for the new bins?

Hamilton residents pay for rubbish and recycling services through their rates. Residents will not have to pay any additional cost for the delivery of their new bins. The cost of the new service and bins has been included in the 2018-2028 10 Year Plan and was approved in the business case.

When will I get my three new bins?

The three new bins will be delivered to residential properties across the city in a staggered drop-off, suburb by suburb, from June 2020. An information flyer will be tucked inside the green food scraps bin. A detailed guide booklet and collection calendar will also be sent out before the new service starts. 

This delivery will not include a green crate as residents already have these. If you do not currently have a green recycling crate, information on how to get one can be found here. From 31 August 2020 residents will only be able to put one crate out for collection as the crate will be used for glass recycling only.

The weight limits for the new bins are listed below:

- Red rubbish bin has a weight limit of 40kg.

- Yellow recycling bin has a weight limit of 40kg.

- Glass crate has a weight limit of 20kg.

- Green food scraps bin has a weight limit of 15kg.