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Commonly asked questions

How do I maximise space in my red bin?

Your red wheelie bin is for anything that cannot be reused or recycled. Here’s some tips to help maximise the space in this bin. 

  • Make sure you’re using the other bins to separate your waste – plastics, tins, cans, paper and cardboard go in the yellow bin, glass bottles and jars in the crate, and all food scraps in the food scraps bin.
  • Leave out bin liners – liners such as black bag trap items meaning there is wasted space between the bags when they’re placed in the bin. Putting rubbish straight into the bin (rather than in a plastic bag) maximises space, or if you keep a plastic liner in an inside bin then, once full, empty the contents of the bag into the red bin.
  • Don’t compact items your bin too much – this might make it difficult for the materials to fall out and the bin to be emptied properly when lifted on collection.

Can I still put black bags out on the streets?

No, black rubbish bags will no longer be collected if they are placed on the street - they will need to go in your red rubbish wheelie bin.

Can I put vacuum cleaner dust in my food scraps bin if it contains plastics or glass?

No, as this can cause contamination. Please put this in your red rubbish wheelie bin.

My bin wasn’t collected but my neighbours were, what do I do?

Check for a tag to see why it wasn’t collected. If everything was correct and your bin or crate was not emptied, report your missed collection here or call our Customer Services team on 07 838 6699.

Can I line my food scraps bin with bag liner?

No, you can line this bin with newspaper, paper towels or brown paper bags.