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Can I opt out of the new service?

How do I opt out of the new service?

Ratepayers will be able to opt out of the service. We will arrange to collect all your bins, however you will still be rated for rubbish and recycling.

By opting out, you won't be receiving a kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service, and you will opt out of all four bins. You won't be able to opt in to receive part of the new service, e.g. use the food scraps collection but not have the other bins.

There are private rubbish and recycling services available in Hamilton that you can organise at your own expense, but we encourage residents to give the new service a go for a couple of months, before making the decision to opt out.

I already have a compost bin at home, can I opt out of the food scraps bin?

You can continue with your home composting, and use the food scraps bin for items that are not easily composted, such as meat, small bones, vacuum cleaner dust and shellfish. The food scraps bin is assigned to the property, not the individual. If you still don't want to use the food scraps bin, please store it somewhere in your home.

I don't produce that much waste, can I have smaller size wheelie bins?

All households will be receiving same size bins, which are assigned to the property, not the individual. With the new service, collections are fortnightly - except for food scraps, which are collected weekly. If you produce very little waste, you can put out your bins monthly or whenever they're full.

The weight limits for the bins are listed below: