From Monday 26 October (Labour Day) your rubbish or recycling will be collected one day later than usual.

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How do I present my bins for collection?

When do I put my bins out?

Make sure the bins are out on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day. Bins shouldn't be out before 5pm the night before and need to be brought back inside your property no later than 7am the day after they've been collected. 

What are the weight limits for the each bin?

The weight limits for the bins are:

  • Red rubbish wheelie bin - 40kg
  • Yellow recycling wheelie bin - 40kg
  • Glass recycling crate - 20kg
  • Food scraps bin - 15kg

How will I fit all the bins on the kerb on collection day?

You will never have to put all four bins out at once.

Rubbish and recycling bin collections are fortnightly (on alternate weeks). Glass recycling is also fortnightly, and the food scraps bin will be collected weekly. The highest number of bins you will need to put out is three – rubbish wheelie bin and food scraps one week, recycling wheelie bin, glass crate and food scraps the next.

Red week: Rubbish wheelie bin and food scraps bin

Yellow week: Recycling wheelie bin, food scraps bin, and glass crate


For flats, shared driveways, and cul-de-sacs, kerbside space may be shared by multiple sets of bins. In these situations, residents can place their crate and/or food scraps bin behind their wheelie bin on collection day.

Some residents may not be able to place their bins directly outside their house or driveway, if the kerbside space is shared with others. We encourage residents to take their bins to a safe and appropriate location nearby. This might mean some residents have neighbours’ bins outside their properties on collection day.

Please work with your neighbours and help each other to present the bins correctly, so no rubbish or recycling is left behind.

Here's some more ideas of how you can present the bins