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Got any storage ideas?

Where will I store the new bins?

Need some bin storage inspiration? We've got you covered.

From June 2020, Hamilton City Council will deliver rubbish and recycling wheelie bins, plus a food scraps bin, to all properties in the collection area. These will be used alongside the existing recycling crate to form our new rubbish and recycling service, which kicks off on 31 August 2020.

Based on feedback from our residents, we have provided some practical ideas and examples (below) on where to store the new bins. Placed side by side, all four bins will only take up approximately 2m in length. They’re weather and animal proof (including a lockable lid on the food scraps bin), so they can be stored outside or inside.

You don't have to store all the bins together in the same area. The ideas below are just suggestions to get you thinking creatively about where to store your own!

Bins inside garage

Bins in back garden

Bins in two areas

Bins outside the front door

Bins outside the garage

Bins under the stairs

What about residents in multi-unit dwellings and flats?

We understand that for some multi-unit dwellings or flats, storage and presentation space may be limited. We have worked with our contractor to assess these on a case-by-case basis and all of those we’ve assessed have enough public kerbside space to present the bins on collection day. Most also have service areas and/or parking areas where the bins can be stored, and we have provided some storage solutions here. We have also contacted property managers, owners and body corporates as necessary to advise some solutions.

To mitigate storage problems (where possible) for future developments, we have also been working alongside the Council’s planning department to educate developers about the new service.

Do I need to take the bins with me when I move?

No, the new bins should stay on and are electronically tagged to the property. When moving, please leave all bins at the property.

If you move to a new property after August 2020 which doesn’t have one or more of the bins, please contact the developer, owner/ratepayer, or landlord, as they are responsible for organising the bins through the Council. If you are the developer, owner/ratepayer or landlord, call our Customer Services team on 07 858 6699.