The facility plays a vital role in waste minimisation and resource recovery for Hamilton as a place for the community to drop off green waste.

The green waste collected at Hamilton Organic Centre and the Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre is transported to the Hampton Downs compost facility where it is added to our kerbside food scraps and processed over six weeks into ‘Tronpost’ – like compost, but local!

Kerbside food scraps

Hamilton currently diverts between 340,000–400,000kg of food waste each month from the kerbside food scraps bins.

Using the food scraps bin is a simple and effective way to minimise waste at home. It’s important we try to divert as much food and green waste as possible from landfill, where it turns into methane, a toxic greenhouse gas. The world’s food waste currently makes up 6.7% of all carbon emissions!

You can add the following items to your kerbside bin:

Fruit and Vegetables

Bread, dairy andcooked food

Meat andfish bones

Egg shells and seafood shells

Tea bags andcoffee grounds

Vacuum cleaner dust

Indoorcut flowers

Kitchenpaper towels

Please don’t include any plastic, compostable or disposable food packaging, cutlery, cups or any liquid.

We know there can be some challenges to using the food scraps bin, especially in summer. Some ways you can keep the smells in and the bugs out include:

freezing animal products until rubbish day

A good tip is to set a phone alarm as a reminder to take it out of the freezer for collection – or download the Antenno app which sends reminders of kerbside collection days!

keeping the bin in a shady place or the garage

keeping the handle in the upright locked position

washing the bin at least once a month with warm, soapy water

lining the bin with brown paper or newspaper to keep it clean

having the bin on the kerbside by 7am and positioned accurately on collection day so it can be emptied

Report a missed collection

Place your bins side by side on the kerbside where space allows. Space them out slightly to enable the truck collection arm to easily retrieve them.