Here’s a few resources to help you get the hang of the new kerbside collection service.


Hamilton residents should have a copy of our handy how-to guide at home that explains what goes in each bin and how to use the new service correctly.

You can access an electronic version in English, Te Reo Maaori, हिंदी,  繁體中文 and 简体中文:

Did you get tagged?

A bin inspector will be randomly checking recycling bins each week to see if the correct items are inside. Once inspected, a tag will be left on your bin to help you become a recycling champion.

  • A green tag means everything in your bin was recyclable – well done!

  • An orange tag means there were some non-recyclable items in your bin. Your bin was still collected, but please double-check what goes where.

  • A red tag means there were lots of non-recyclable items in your bin, so it wasn’t collected. Remove non-recyclable items and place the bin out again on its next collection cycle.

If you get two red tags within three months, we’ll send a letter to explain what was wrong. If there’s a third red tag in the three month period, Hamilton City Council may suspend your kerbside collection service.

Are you ready?

To help you become a new service champion we’ve created a few videos explaining what goes in each bin, how to present your bins, when to put them out and everything else you need to know. Check them out and make sure you’re ready to roll!

Second hand shopping in Hamilton

We've been working with Collectors Anonymous to pull together the ultimate second hand guide to Hamilton stores selling second-hand and pre-loved goods. You can find a copy at all participating stores, Hamilton Libraries and at the Council customer service desk. Check out the shortened version here

Help promote the circular economy, saving goods from landfill and giving them a new life.