Where to take your waste

There are a number of places in Hamilton where you can take your waste. The transfer station on Lincoln St accepts most items, however much of what goes to the transfer station could be reused or recycled. Alternative options for items that are still of good quality are:

  • charity stores - many will even come and collect your good quality household items.
  • TradeMe or other similar buy and sell platforms.

There are also some organisations that will accept specific items for recovery.

Paint: Resene run a PaintWise programme which sees unwanted paint and paint containers recycled or disposed of responsibly. Drop off your paint and paint containers (of any brand) to Resene in Hamilton, corner Anglesea, Hood and Knox streets. A small charge applies to non-Resene branded paint. They do not accept paint thinners, solvents, aerosols or any materials other than paint and paint containers. For more information phone Resene Hamilton on 07 839 9975 or visit Resene Paintwise.

Electronic waste: Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. Electronics, like phones, batteries, computers and tablets, contain valuable materials that can be recovered, this includes gold and silver. However, they also contain nasty chemicals that need to be managed very carefully. You can take your items to Go Eco at 188 Commerce Street, Hamilton to be dismantled and processed according to best practice guidelines. For more information phone Go Eco on 07 839 4452 or visit Go Eco online.

For information on the opening times and fees for the transfer stations and the organic centre, click on the links to the left.