Kerbside collection FAQs

Kerbside collection FAQs

Rubbish FAQs

I think my rubbish bags were missed, what do I do now?

There are many reasons why your rubbish may not have been collected - the collector sometimes misses it during the collection, or maybe it wasn’t put out correctly.

Remember, each household can only put out two bags of rubbish and up to two crates of recycling each week. For more info on what to do on collection day, see kerbside rubbish and recycling collection.

If you did everything correctly but at the end of the day your rubbish and/or recycling is still there, please complete the missed collection form.

When will you collect rubbish over public holidays?

Normally, if one of the collection days falls on a public holiday, collection will be one day later for the rest of that week.

You can check out what day your collection will be here – put your address in the search bar and it will tell you which day your collection is on, even when it has been adjusted for a public holiday. We will also advertise it in the local free papers, and on the Council’s website and Facebook page. You can also ring Council on 07 838 6699 for information.

Why did they only take two of my bags?

You are only able to put out a maximum of two rubbish bags per week. Please take any extra bags to the transfer station.

How come the boxes of rubbish and waste on the kerb were not collected?

Help us to help you by using up to two bags for rubbish and the official Hamilton City Council green crates for recycling. This is a health and safety requirement as the contractor is picking up rubbish and recycling from over 55,000 households each week. Boxes of rubbish and other waste not in Council-approved containers will not be collected. Hamilton City Council does not provide an inorganic collection service. If you have more than two bags of rubbish or other waste such as furniture, bric a brac etc, it can be disposed of at the transfer station. Charges do apply.

Somebody has dumped rubbish outside my property. Can you help?

You can report this to Council through the reporting form and we will investigate and try to identify where the rubbish came from. We can organise for the rubbish to be disposed of appropriately.

Any information you can provide on who dumped the rubbish may help us to issue a fine.

If it is from a specific address (i.e. tenants that may have moved out) and if the refuse is anything inorganic such as furniture, carpets, bits of cars etc, email us at or contact us on 07 838 6999 and we will contact the owner of the property to get it cleaned up.

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